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Sorry it took me a while to post this, but better late than never I suppose :) So our exchange partner was deceiverofmen and she sent us the following lovely goodies:

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private swap bump

swap #15 is soon to come. in the meantime, i'm heavily encouraging those that can't wait to use the private swap post. it's full of untapped potential, don't you know.
I just received my package from roadwaffle. It was jam packed with goodies! So far, the snacks i've tried have been very similar to american snacks, its pretty cool to discover that in many different places in the world we eat similar snacks. I have to recommend that if you ever get an Estonian partner you should request these wafer potato chip things: Kartuli Vahvel. They are so flavorful and yummy! I've yet to try even a third of the snacks in this, i can't wait to see what its all like. Also, my partner was extra considerate and wrote out all the expiration dates in her letter so that I could determine what to eat first. Okay on to the photos:


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Swap! From Germany to Canada!

Much thanks to my swap partne pne  who shipped me an AMAZING snack pack from Hamburg, Germany. It got bumped around pretty good in shipping, but made it here in (almost) one piece. Best of all, he fulfilled my wish of including Kinder's Happy Hippos! SO GOOD!

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shipping dates for swap #14

the official shipping dates were friday and today. do you know where your package is? if not, does your partner know?
please contact them if something has come up!

if you happened to miss the sign ups for this round, try finding a partner in the private swap post.

My swap!

Thanks to norwegianne I have a large package of exciting goodies!

In the picture:

2 large packets of crisps, one paprika, one ready salted (with a large Norwegian flag on the back:))
A jar of caramel spread
A tub of banana spread (can't wait to try this!)
Rye crackers with linseed, quinoa and sunflower seeds
2 lots of salt licorice, one hot
1 carton custard
2 pudding mixes, one caramel, one almond
Fruit jelly sweets
Jelly mix
2 crackers with cheese spread, which are my new favouritest thing. They're amazing!
and a lot of sweets.

I can't believe how much norwegianne managed to buy! And it all looks absolutely delicious. Thankyou so much!

private/ mini swap post

step 1- comment here to find a potential partner
step 2- talk to them extensively through e-mail, pm, messages in a bottle, carrier pigeon, or whatever you feel comfortable with.
step 3 get to swapping.
step 4- repeat step 2 at least 3 more times.
step 5- see step 4

if you have questions or concerns, pm or e-mail me at we.swap.snacks@gmail.com

swap #14 news

europe: 3
uk: 1
us: 1
canada: 1

swap sign ups are closed!

6 sign ups in total.

thanks for your patience everyone!

swap #14 sign ups!


* You must have the means to spend at least US $15 on snacks, as well as approximately US $45 on international shipping (airmail only -- please do not ship by ground/sea, it takes much too long and certain snacks may go bad). If you aren't sure that you can afford this, please excuse yourself from participating and save up for a future round.

* You must have a reliable source of transportation so that you can actually purchase and ship the snacks. This is only being emphasized because there have been several complaints during previous rounds about people receiving skimpy packages or no packages at all with their partners claiming that they had no way of getting or shipping the items. This is not a valid excuse!

* We think it's great that so many people include regional postcards, newspapers, trinkets and souvenirs in their packages. However, these items should not take away from the amount of snacks being sent -- this is a snack exchange! It's up to you as to whether or not you want to include any non-edible goodies when creating your package, but please do not count them as part of the allotted US$15.

* Check expiration dates! Please make sure that the snacks are still good when you buy them and that they'll still be good after they've reached their destination. Please also be careful when shipping snacks that can melt or be easily crushed -- these things may require extra or special wrapping to keep them from being destroyed or making a huge mess. And you all might want to check for more information on items prohibited in different countries. Let's avoid fines, confiscation and returned packages!

* Before sending out a package to your partner, make sure that you have had substantial communication with him/her. We recommend that you exchange a minimum of three (3) emails in order to confirm that your partner is serious about the exchange, as well as to discuss what you would like to send to one another. Communication is key, people! Also be sure to let your partner know (a) when you have shipped a package to them and (b) when you have received a package from them. Not only is this the polite thing to do but it also keeps people from worrying about whether or not they've been burned.

* Having a camera is not a requirement for participating in We Swap Snacks. However, if you do have access to one, feel free to post some photos of your package to the community once you get it. We want to share in the excitement of what you've received! But please, for the sake of everyone's friends list layouts, put your photos behind an LJ-Cut. One small, formatted teaser photo is fine but everything else should be cut (pretty, pretty please). If you do not have a camera, please post a text-only post. Say thanks to your partner and describe what kinds of snacks you got so that we can all drool over them with you. Also, please tag your photo posts with the name of the country your package/partner is from.


* There is a risk involved in participating. No matter how hard we try, there is no way to weed out every single scammer who signs up for a swap. By sending us an application you are basically acknowledging that there is a possibility that you will get burned, and that if this does happen, there is nothing that we (the mods) can do aside from blacklisting the offending participant. In order to prevent being accused of scamming someone yourself, always try to get some kind of tracking number or receipt when you ship your package. Things do get lost in the mail, guys. :(

* It will take a little time for us to partner everyone up and send out emails. Everyone should get a partner email no later tha January 14, with a ship date of Saturday, February 2.

* Stateside members outnumber everyone else, so US applications will be cut off earlier than non-US applications. We generally give US members about 24 hours - and it is still hard to find everyone a partner. We don't really want to give you less than a day, but it will depend on how quickly applications are coming in. We appreciate your understanding!

* You will be able to request a partner from a certain country/countries on your application. In the event that we just can't find you a partner from the place(s) you want, you'll have the option to either (a) participate in a domestic swap (this is typically a US-only thing), (b) let us partner you with someone at random or (c) skip this round. Keep in mind that after sign-ups are closed, there will be another post made where you can arrange private or themed swaps and mini-swaps with other members through the comments. This post will also be locked!

* Based on past swaps, we have members in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, the UK, and the US. Outside of the US, our largest contingent is the UK. We may have some more countries this time around, so don't be afraid to put down something you don't see here. We will do our very best to partner you with your desired country, but realize that everything is limited. Also, there is no guarantee that everyone that has joined the community from these countries will sign up for the swap.


LJ Username:
Full Name:
Primary E-Mail Address:
Shipping Address (including country name):
Allergies and/or Dislikes:
Specific country/countries you'd like to swap with:

If you would like to do a swap for more than US$15 in snacks please state so on your application!

If we cannot pair you with anyone from the country/countries you've listed, would you like to participate in a domestic swap (US Residents only), have us choose at random, or skip this round?

(US Residents) Would you be interested in doing both an international and a domestic swap, if both are available?

(Non-US Residents) Would you be interested in doing more than one swap, your other partner most likely being from the US? If so, how many swaps would you be willing to do?.

Once you've filled this out, please email it to us at we.swap.snacks@gmail.com with some mention of Swap 14 in the subject line. Do not email us or leave comments asking if you got in. We will reply to everyone, whether it's to give you your partner's info or let you know that you didn't make this round. Just be patient!

Keep an eye on this entry for any further updates or reminders we may have for you!

notice: when submitting an application, make sure you have filled all of it out!!!

Keep an eye on this entry for any further updates or reminders we may have for you!


sign ups for swap #14 will be this friday, december 28 at 8 p.m est!


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