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[sticky post] We Swap Snacks is Officially Closed

That's it, guys, we're calling it. The community has been inactive for a very long time and though it stings a little to all of us mods, it's time to let go. I, for one, had a blast when I was running the joint and I hope my fellow mods and members enjoyed the community, too.

Don't stop tasting the world, though, friends. Reddit has a great snack swapping group, r/snackexchange, and there's also subscription services like Try the World. Heck, you could even just hit up your local World Market or that random Asian market you've always passed by, but never gone into.

In the meantime, it's been fun. Peace out, snackers!

Still going?

Is there hope for future swaps? I participated in a few earlier ones and really enjoyed trying so many new things (fish jerky, who'da thunk?), and I'd really like to do another. :D

Private Swap - United States to Estonia

I am so happy that strryeyedgrrl decided to do the swap with me! This is what she sent me:

Under the cut:Collapse )

Private Swap - Estonia to United States

I haven't done a true snack swap in FOREVER, mostly because I work in the travel industry and there's always someone going somewhere or coming here from somewhere. That means I can almost always get my fix of international goodies without too much effort. Anyway, I decided to pop in on the community one day and agreed to a private swap with roadwaffle. Her box arrived to me yesterday!

snack box

The box came to my work since we were in the middle of a move and I wasn't sure when it would arrive and if I'd be at the new house or not when it got here. It took all of my willpower not to open it at work because I knew it would distract me!

...don't you want to see what's inside...Collapse )

seasonal private swap

step 1- comment here to find a potential partner
step 2- talk to them extensively through e-mail, pm, messages in a bottle, carrier pigeon, or whatever you feel comfortable with. discuss your likes and dislikes and respect each other's tastes!
step 3 - get to swapping.
step 4- repeat step 2 at least 3 more times.
step 5- see step 4

based on the last post, it looks like it's better to have people advertise for what they want, rather than pairing members up. maybe it'll change. we'll see.

any questions, comments, or concerns? pm or e-mail me at we.swap.snacks@gmail.com

seasonal swap?

it's fall now, which has me considering organizing a seasonal swap. would any members still be interested in something like that?
thatgaychick was my swap partner and she sent an amazing box of healthy snacks, with a few pure sugar treats thrown in (wintergreen flowers which are surprisingly addictive!). It was really fun to do a healthyish swap and I got lots of yummy things that I don't feel terrible about eating quickly. Also, I had no idea kind made a cashew cherry chocolate bar, i'm going to look for this now!

iphone 054

Yummy snacks aheadCollapse )Yummy Snacks AheadCollapse )

Best Private Swap EVER!

Just got my package today from deceiverofmen - we did a private and healthy-ish swap.  "Ish" because we both threw in a few goodies!  She is amazeballs and even shipped it quickly (I didn't think of using a priority flat rate) - she San Fran and it got here to the DC area in a weekend.  Again, thanks so much and onto the goodies:

clicky...clicky for picky picky!Collapse )

The macaroons are already done and were DELISH!!!  Thank you again deceiverofmen!!!  Amazeballs, you are!


change or die

thanks to everyone who commented in the last post. the other mods and i read them all and can't help but be a little sad that the community we love and are passionate about is dying.
we understand that things change and since we want to stick around, we'll have to change as well.

i have a few ideas about what we could end up doing:

1. end scheduled swaps and just keep a private post up so members can advertise for what they want.

2. change to a strictly seasonal/limited edition snack swapping community.

3. add some sort of stickied, unlocked master list where members can comment with their locations and mention what chains in their areas carry international stuff. if people don't want to join, scrolling through that post might be helpful.

4. bring back the wish list.

5. some combination of all the above.

let me know what you think and we'll go from there.

feedback appreciated!

i've been noticing a steep drop in sign ups for the last couple of swaps, and i'm trying to gauge why that's happened.

are there any specific reasons why people that used to participate don't anymore? should i move sign ups to a different day? i don't know. there's no danger of the community being shut down because of this, i just want to know what i can do to wake this place back up!

without recommending us to lj spotlight...just yet.
please comment, pm, or email us with ideas. it's all appreciated!


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